Sajal Ali family, wedding pictures, age, height, weight, biography, wiki

Posted on Jun 18 2016 - 11:12pm

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Sajal Ali family, wedding pictures, age, height, weight, biography, wiki, Sajal Ali mother funeral

Sajal Ali Biography

1.    Born on 17th of January 1994 in the family residing in Lahore.

2.    She is Aquarius according to Zodiac calendar and the traits of this star can be seen in her personality.

3.    Sajal Ali was born in a family where no one belonged to the showbiz industry before her and she herself got into this field “just accidentally” (as she says).

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4.    She has one sibling “Saboor Ali” who is also a renowned actress and a model (they have also starred in the same drama serial once).

5.    After getting the formal education she wanted to continue her academics but then there came an audition of “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkayan” (a drama serial) and she was selected and got into this.

6.    Once Sajal starred in this serial she had no going back as she gives this credit to “Fahad Mustafa” (actor) who gave her the strength to move ahead and pursue her career.

7.    Since then she has been engaged in a number of serials and played leading roles as well.

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8.    She is residing in Karachi right now because of her ongoing making of serials.

Sajal Ali Education

9.    Sajal has not majored in anything the reason being her early involvement in the showbiz industry (not to mention she is just 20 right now).

10.     In an interview, she described herself to have been above average student in her college and school.

Sajal Ali Family

11.     Sajal has a sibling named “Saboor Ali” and she is also an actress and they both played in the same drama serial “Mehmood Abad ki malkayan”.

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12.     “My mother is my strength and weakness at the same time,” she said in an interview and that shows her affection for her mother.

13.     Currently, she is living with her whole family in Karachi and Sajal’s hobby is to spend time with her family specifically with the mother.

Sajal Ali Engagement

14.     Sajal got engaged with “Feroz Khan” a well-known showbiz personality and a brother of “Humaima Malik” (actress).

15.     The ceremony of engagement was attended by so many celebrities and they both showed gratitude to them.

Sajal Ali Dramas

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16.     Her actual career started from a serial “Mehmoodabad ki malkayan” and she thinks that was one of her best performances.

17.     After the debut in the year 2011, she almost starred in five or six serials, “Meray Qatil Meray Dildar”, “Chandni” are two of them.

18.     Sajal has almost starred in more than dozen of serials and right now she is starring in a serial “Gul-e-Rana” being aired on “Hum TV”.

Sajal Ali Interview

19.     While talking to the media, she declared “Fahad Mustafa” to be her mentor.

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20.     The family is everything to her and without them she is nothing as she said once giving an interview.

Sajal Ali Social Media

21.     She keeps in touch with her fans and updates about everything happen in her life.

22.     Sajal has just activated her account on Instagram in order to increase the interaction with the fans.

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