Mohsin Abbas Haider | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, age, height, wife, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

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Mohsin Abbas Haider | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, age, height, wife, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

Mohsin Abbas Haider (Urdu: محسن عباس حیدر‎) is a Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host.[1] He started his career as RJ on a radio station in Faisalabad. Later he moved to Karachi to learn singing art and improve his career at NAPA. He made his debut song “Bay Parwah Dhola” composed by himself, video directed by Nabeel Qureshi.[2] In 2012, Mohsin was nominated for Best RJ category in Pakistan Media Awards. He also appeared in several TV shows as a host and as a voice over artist. In 2014, he appeared in his debut film Na Maloom Afraad playing the lead role of Moon along with Fahad Mustafa and Javaid Sheikh. Later on he featured in coke studio season 9 and sung “Uddi ja” which is written by himself and composed by Jaffer zaidi.[3] He is currently a DJ in Dunya News show Mazaaq Raat.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is most talented and popular figure in Pakistan fashion industry. He is blessed with multiple attributes such as actor, singer, host and good writer. He gained popularity all around world due to his versatile personality. Right now, he is playing leading role in media industry.


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Mohsin Abbas Haider is most appealing person in media in all fields. He loves his passion and most career oriented actor. He was very active from his childhood. He had done different categories as RJ. He worked with different famous actors. He is spending happy married life. He is most wanted person on Pakistan fashion industry. He loves Punjabi music because he wants to promote Punjabi culture all around world. He had done various TV shows as a great host.


Mohsin Abbas Haider was a good boy from his childhood. He loves his family and want to a proud for his family. He was brilliant mind. Simply, he is perfect example beauty with brain. He started his early career as RJ in radio station from Faisalabad. He was highly sound for music passion. He had deep feelings for media industry.


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He was graduated from Faisalabad. He secured Master degree in Textile Designing from here. Secondly, he secured graduation in musicology from NAPA.


He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive. His parents are Punjabi.


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He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home.


As we know that he is multi-talented figure in media. He tasted different fields all over in his career. Initially, he was RJ in radio. After that he moved to music industry where he nurtured Punjabi music. He is good host and presently he is doing political show mzaak-raat. He is composed personality. He explored many opportunities. He is good writer and he span couple of years in this field. He gave his entry in Punjabi music because he want, Punjabi language must popular in young generation. His personal aim is to nurture and raise Punjabi tongue through his work among people. He said, Punjabi is our mother tongue and every one must be speak that. He has ambitions to work hard at his music and even start a clothing line one day. People love to Punjabi music all round world because this language has its own standard. He is most popular singer because of his Punjabi intellectual. He has bundle of albums in Punjabi pop music specially, “udii jawan” These albums become the symbol of his pride.


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He was awarded best RJ in the year of 2012. His nomination made him humble person.


Name: Mohsin Abbas Haider
Alternate Name: Mohsin, DJ
Height: 5 fit 8 in (1.72 m)
Careers: Actor, Anchor, Writer
Born: March 16, 1984
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single

Zodiac: Taurus
Country: Pakistan
Home Town: Faisalabad
Movies: Na Maloom Afraad (2014)
Net worth: 5 millions

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He is spending very happy life with his wife. His wife name is Fatima Naqvi. She is very cooperative and mature lady. He has no children.


My parents were not happy with me at my early age because they want to see me as officer. But with passage of time, they were happy because of my hard work and my popularity in media. They considered me a responsible boy from my all siblings.

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He has no affair in reality in these days but media is spreading rumors all around because it is part of fashion Industry. He said, I am honest with my married life and spending happy life with my wife.


He is very brilliant singer due to his Punjabi singing. He is most popular and most wanted not only in Pakistan but also all around world.


Banana News Network as Bhagat Singh
Mazaaq Raat as DJ
Jutt Butt and Yo as Host
4 Man Show as Himself
Ishq For Sale as actor
Coke Studio (Pakistan) as himself


Na Maloom Afraad as Moon (2014)
Teri Meri Love Story as Sherry (2016)


“Bay Parwah Dhola”
“Sapno Ki Maala” (Na Maloom Afraad)
“Goli Teeti Main” (Na Maloom Afraad)
“Uddi Ja” (Coke Studio season 9)



2015 14th Lux Style Awards Na Maloom Afraad Best Film Actor Nominated




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As we know that, he is also singer. So, he started a project with name dosti- music-project.


He said, his favorite co-star actor is Javed sheikh. He had wonderful experience with him.


According to him, Mahwish Hayat is hottest actress in media industry.


I was never interested into girls, because I love to hang out with boys. I knew that many girls like me but I never show interest.


He said, my life was changed suddenly. I got inspiration from our beloved and most charismatic personality, The Prophet (PBUH) is so beautiful .Religion is very simple and interesting. So, I study Quran and learned only Allah is Superpower. So, immediately this study changed me.


Very interesting news is here about his charismatic personality. He is becoming top star and most wanted actor all around world due to his work. His best film was NA MALOOM AFRAAD in which he secured top views.


He said in an interview, at early age my parents were against. They did not support my showbiz career. But with the passage of time, with my great efforts they understand me. Now they have proud on me. On the other side, my wife is associated to very liberal family. She has lot of problems at initial stage but now she has maturity level.


He is trained a classical singer
He writes Urdu poetry.
He is a fitness freak.
TV Cs:

He was also DJ in professional field. So, he decided to start in several Television Commercials (TV Cs) for multinational brands.


He has also starred in several telefilms; very notable of them being Ishq for Sale, Bakron ka Robin-hood

Mohsin tied the knot with Fatima Naqvi, an anchorperson of Neo Tv in 2015 live on a TV channel in October.2 months ago Daily Pakistan Newspaper report their divorce but now sources told that they were separated due to some issues but not divorced now they are together again.Mohsin Abbas is a singer, actor, writer and host. He started his career as an RJ. He made his singing debut and started acting in hit Pakistani movie Na Maloom Afraad. Later on, he was featured in season 9 of Coke studio and sung Uddi Ja which he wrote himself.He is currently a DJ in Duniya News’ Mazak Raat.

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